Character Meaning

            What is in a name? The etymology of the name Pangai-Noon has its roots in China, since that is where the art first was developed. The calligraphy is originally written in traditional Mandarin, but was able to be read and understood by the Japanese. This was due to the Chinese system of writing being incorporated early in the islands history, during the Yamato period around the 5th or 6th centuries. As a result, it can be read and understood in both languages. Over time, the pronunciations have had slight deviations from one another, however the meaning of each character has remained the same.
            The calligraphy for Pangai-Noon may only be three symbols, but those three symbols tell a whole story complete with the arts philosophy. The following is a breakdown of the three characters found in the calligraphy.






Half Chinese = Ban

Japanese = Han

Hard Chinese = Ying

Japanese = Kou

Soft Chinese = Ruan

Japanese = Nan